Taking Inspiration from the Little Things

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Not so long ago I finally laid my hands on something I’ve been longing for for a very long time (pretty much since I really started getting into photography)…and that’s a 100mm macro lens. We’ve been together for around 2 months now and wherever I go with my camera this lens lens has become my inseparable buddy.¬†Mostly because it just opens up a whole new world.

My trip to France was the first chance I’ve really had to test it properly and on quite a few occasions I was so relieved I had it with me. Particularly on the days when I didn’t think I’d be needing it, but packed it just in case, because more often than not, it was on these days that I’d suddenly spot something moving in a flower or on the grass. And where ordinarily I might have had a quick look and taken a couple of shots with my ordinary lens I’d probably have moved on quite quickly.

Now I realise these little guys¬†aren’t the prettiest up close, but being able to see them in this kind of detail gave me a whole new perspective and a tiny glimpse into their world which, yep, you’ve guessed it (especially if you’ve seen my other posts), gave me a whole new inspiration. (Either that of I’ve just watched far too much Disney and will anthropomorphise anything I can!)