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Foray into digital painting…

santa's upload

I’ve had a wacom tablet for about a year now and I’ve used it for little bits here and there, but I’ve never created a whole piece purely digitally (well, except for the hand drawn line art), but finally having time to work on some of my own projects I gave it a go, and this is the result. The funny thing is I wasn’t expecting it to be so addictive, and quite so difficult to put down the pen and walk away, because as much as I love the freedom to play around with the tiniest details and hit ‘cmd z’ when I decide I don’t like it, the urge is to make the image as ‘perfect’ as it can be. Which can be a very dangerous thing!

5 thoughts on “Foray into digital painting…”

  1. Yes, it is very addictive to have the power to UNDO what we don’t like versus making a mistake on paper and then try to mend or accept it. I used to use a primitive Photoshop-ish program and make dozens of variations on a concept only to crash the program. I’d whittle days and nights away working on one piece and its many variations.

    But, my heart wants me to get back to paper and pen drawing.

    You did a great job with this piece! The only thing I’d change is the Northern Lights stream up top. It almost looks like it could be smoke from a chimney. And, while that may be wrong in one light…I think it would make the piece even cooler if it WAS coming directly from the chimney (as if this building produced the light).


    1. Definitely- after a few days chained to Photoshop it feels really nice to go back to pen and paper and not over-think every step and just go with what you feel.

      Thank you. And I love that suggestion! You’re right, technically it may be wrong, but technically I’m pretty sure Santa doesn’t have a workshop somewhere in the North Pole! So for the sake of coolness I’m definitely tempted to go back and try it!


      1. So, your mind isn’t open to the possibility of a hidden workshop? Ever seen the Harry Potter films and how worlds can exist between the gaps in reality, accessed by a dash into the groove? Ya never know. 🙂

        Yay, a suggestion in motion.


      2. Haha, in my head there’s all sorts of worlds in different realities- if my mind wasn’t open to that I probably wouldn’t have done this! Or spent far too long tryint to make it ‘realistic!’ 😉


      3. That’s just the artistic perfectionist in you. A lil Beethoven or Mozart that wants to slam her head on the piano keys when the song is all wrong.

        I think the accuracy of the workshop was second in importance to the aesthetic details of the environment.


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