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Under the Covers


When you were younger did you ever read under the covers with a torch, long after you were meant to have turned the lights off? I don’t know why but my memories of reading in bed at night are far more vivid than any other time that I read as a child. Maybe it was the glow of the torch bouncing off the sheets, with only the book itself clearly illuminated. Looking back it feels like that in itself was it own world that I could escape to,IMG_2510 and being in that place made it much easier to jump into the book I was reading and with no other distractions, for a short while, the book world was the only one that existed.

This is an idea that I explored in an art project earlier this year, and these images are the result of that. I wanted to play with the idea of recreating some of the atmosphere, the feeling of being under the covers, and yet at the same time immersed in the book you’re reading, as if looking around you could almost see the world of the book all around you.

Of course, what the images actually say to you, I’ll leave up to your own interpretation and imagination…







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